SEQENS / Chemoxy
Client: SEQENS (Chemoxy)
Main Contractor: SEQENS (Chemoxy)
Sector: Industrial
Steel: 120 te
Completed: 2019
Location: Teesside
Scope: Structural Steelwork
Metal Decking
Services: Detailing
Connection Design
Site Installation

Open Grid Flooring
Steel Stairs
Steel Doors

Project Summary

Our scope included seven freestanding structures on the live site:  

Main Plant 5.1: a five-storey open structure including lifting beams, steel stairs, open grating, ladders, and fire proofing (by others).

Horizontal Tank Access Platform: a single 8 by 4 metre platform, 6.5 metres high, constructed above a new tank vessel.

Large Pipebridge: L-shaped pipebridge, the longest section spanning 18 metres.

Small Pipebridge: 11.5 metre structure including ladder and elevated walkway, to connect to the new Main Plant.

South Pipebridge: a 6 metre high peipebridge, spanning over 11 metres.

High Level Access Structure: a four-storey open steel access stair structure, providing high level access to tanks.

Electrical Sub Station: fully-clad building with 7 by 12 metre footprint, including Kingspan composite metal deck, steel personnel doors, and two external exposed access platforms with stairs.

Following completion of our steelwork installation, we further provided lifting and installation of approximately 30 number vessels and equipment items.