BioACM Production Facility
Client: BASF Performance Products
Main Contractor: BASF Performance Products
Sector: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
Steel: 250 te
Completed: 2015
Location: Bradford
Scope: Structural Steelwork
Services: Detailing
Connection Design
Site Installation
Heavy Lifts
Keywords: Open Grid Flooring
Stair treads

Project Background

BASF Performance Products Limited proposed to build a new production hub for polyacrylamides, used as an aid in wastewater treatment, oil recovery, mineral processing, and paper making.

The construction of a new BioACM production facility was critical to the operational efficiency and supply reliability for one of the UK’s largest chemical manufacturing facilities. The project area was located on the former Morley Carr Working Men’s Club site, New Works Road, adjacent to the main existing BAF chemical production facility.

In summary, Booth Construction’s scope comprised:

  1. Main steel structure including grating platforms, operation steel platforms, partial cladding;
  2. Four new pipe racks to tie in to the existing infrastructure;
  3. Pump House steel structure including cladding;
  4. Steel structure to support cooling water pipe arrangement;
  5. Miscellaneous cooling water pipe supports, cable tray supports, and pipe racks;
  6. Installation of four free-issue vessels;
  7. Lifting of two free-issue and pre-erected cooling towers.

The main BioACM was formed of a two storey open steel structure and a partially enclosed roof, with a footprint of approximately 444 square metres (24 by 18.5 metres), intended to house four new vessels while in keeping with BASF’s existing structures in the surrounding site.

Supply and Fabrication

We fabricated all steelwork in-house at our Skelton workshop. Generally required to Execution Class EXC2, we fabricated in-house the main structure floor level to EXC3 due to dynamic loads imposed by rotating equipment.

Our project team coordinated all steelwork to be hot dip galvanised to 85 microns nominal thickness, with lifting beams painted signal yellow (with tag numbers and SWL following proof load testing).

We supplied and installed approximately 250 square metres of Kingspan cladding to the roof and facades, approximately 300 linear metres of handrail, and 330 square metres of 30mm thick open grid flooring.

Site Installation

The four free-issue vessels – valued at up to £250,000 each – were delivered to site by others, to be offloaded and lifted into place by our site team. We further coordinated the lifting of two cooling towers weighing 10 tonnes each, supplied and erected by others, using a 250 te crane.

Tie-in work to the existing facility for the pipe racks, weighing around 10 tonnes each, required  our careful site planning and coordination to avoid disruption and onsite operation.