Blazer Fuels, Ruthin
Client: Blazer Fuels
Main Contractor: PADD Energy
Sector: Power Generation
Steel: 100 te
Completed: 2019
Location: Ruthin, Wales
Scope: Structural Steelwork
Services: Detailing
Connection Design
Site Installation

Portal Frame
Open Grid Flooring
Cat Ladders

Project Summary

In summary, our scope within the existing site included:  

Extension to Existing Frame (NB4): a portal frame extension connecting to the existing CHP Plant Structure. The frame comprised four bays and spanned over 33 metres, totaled approximately 55 tonnes of structural steelwork, and was installed over the existing live Stela Dryer and Infeed equipment.

Modifications to Adjacent Building (NB1): works to the existing NB1 Chip Store comprised new trimming members, cable tray support members, and elevational cladding support steelwork.

Internal OCR Room: the new freestanding OCR structure, comprising approximately 15 tonnes of structural steelwork, was installed within the existing structure.

Air Cooler & Expansion Tank Platform: a freestanding galvanised 10 metre-high platform complete with all ancillaries, including handrail and cat ladders. 

OCR Embedment Beams and Push Wall Goal Post Frames: these critical items were required prior to the main works, and included prefabricated frames complete with welded tangs for installation and embedment by others.