Our in-house prefabrication expertise spans a wide range of structures:

  • Modules and PAUs
  • Pipe Bridges, Racks, and Supports
  • Walkways and Mezzanines
  • Trusses and Girders
  • Large / Heavy Structures

Modules and PAUs

Mace – Heathrow T3 Temporary Flight Connection Centre (FCC) and VCC

We fully utilised our workshop in Teesside to maximize the potential for prefabricating as much of the Bryden Wood-designed structure as possible.

We preassembled nineteen VCC corridor modules comprising of hot rolled box truss frames, the largest frame weighing in excess of 18.0 tonnes (approximately 10.6 metres long by 4.0 metres wide and 3.2 metres high).

The full build-up of the modules in our facility included: primary steelwork, Kingspan roofing and wall cladding, soffit cladding, acoustic infill ceiling planks, plywood flooring, marmoleum tiles, cold rolled SFS partitions, acrylic sheeting, and plasterboard. Our in-house project team then managed the transportation from our Teesside fabrication workshop to Heathrow T3. 

Pipe Bridges, Racks, and Supports

CB&I UK Ltd – Isle of Grain LNG Expansion Project

Our scope included a mix of stair towers, pipe crossovers, tank tie-ins, height restriction barriers, valve access platforms, and six pipebridges.

To ensure the most efficient and cost effective site works, we prefabricated as many of the structures as possible.

The largest of the pipebridges measured 25.5 metres long by 3.0 metres deep and 4.0 metres wide, totalling approximately 30 tonnes (frame only). We fully fabricated the pipebridge section off-site, and our site team coordinated the heavy lift on location in Kent.

Walkways and Mezzanines

Mace – Heathrow T3 Pier 7 Roof Asset Replacement

We prefabricated folding cassettes in our Teesside fabrication workshop, to simplify the installation methodology and reduce airport Stand closures. A typical prefabricated platform section comprised a central 3.0 metre-wide section with two hinged panels which, once unfolded and fitted with open grid flooring, allowed a total width up to 9.0 metres. 

Trusses and Girders

Mace – Heathrow T3 Permanent Flight Connection Centre (FCC)

A prefabricated composite roof panel system was primarily supported by roof trusses prefabricated by FJ Booth. The spliced trusses tapered between 3 metres to 4 metres deep and ranged in length, between 7.0 and 21.0 metres, with a combined length totalling up to 41.50 metres. The weights of the spliced truss sections varied between 5.0 and 11.0 tonnes. 

Mace – Heathrow T3 Temporary Flight Connection Centre (FCC)

We prefabricated the central truss spine in six number sections weighing up to 21 tonnes each at 14.5 metres long. 

Lagan – Teesside Biomass (Workshop)

Our scope included the supply, fabrication, and installation of two prefabricated trusses in the Workshop building, totalling 15.5 metres long by 2.5 metre deep and each weighing in excess of 15 tonnes. 

Large / Heavy Structures

Mace – Heathrow T3 Permanent Flight Connection Centre (FCC)

We fabricated in-house five ground transfer beams, each comprising of three Category C Universal Column using 8mm fillet welds. The transfer beams weighed in excess of 7 tonnes each one fully fabricated, and delivered airside to Heathrow for concrete encasement by others.